Hot Water & Steam Vaporisers



HYDREXX HXB is the newest addition to the range of vaporisers from Algas-SDI. The HXB version is supplied complete with a skid mounted hydronic hot water boiler system with the necessary pump, valves, and controls.

HXB is also available with a similar package utilising Continuous flow water heaters for applications where energy efficiency is paramount.

Click this link for the HYDREX datasheet


AQUAVAIRE vaporisers are indirectly gas fired waterbath style vaporisers avaiable in Vertical and Horizontal configurations. They feature a wide range of options and are commonly utilised for SNG production.

Featuring fully automated industrial burners the AQUAVAIRE range has vaporisation capacities up to 33,000kg/hr.

Click on the following links for AQUAVAIRE Datasheets


AZEOVAIRE is a high capacity vertical style Hot Water or Steam energised vaporiser from Algas-SDI. Featuring a small foot print and requiring a remote hot water or steam source AZEOVAIRE is ideal for large duty installations requiring a minimum of space.

Certified for use within the Zone 1 hazardous area.

Click these links for AZEOVAIRE datasheets


MINIVAP by Pegoraro is a small electrically heated Hot Water vaporiser for the Domestic and Light Commercial market with capacities between 15 - 30kg/hr.

Click this link for the MINIVAP datasheet


VAPEG by Pegoraro is a hot water heated shell and tube style vaporiser, available with an integral electrically heated hot water generator, or more commonly for a remote hot water source.

It features dual thermostatic valves on the gas outlet to help prevent liquid carry-over to the downstream piping.

Click this link for the VAPEG datasheet