The NATURE+ products are designed to simply add capacity to what nature provides.

Whether your LPG supply is from cylinders or tanks, from 9kg to 50tonne capacity, there is a product which will seriously boost your gas supply capability without need for downstream liquid LPG vaporising equipment and expensive electrical or liquid LPG pipework.

SO   if you experience:

  • condensation, frosting, or even ice on your cylinder or tank
  • low supply pressure
  • unacceptable residual volumes in 'empty' containers
  • changing flame characteristics from blue to yellow or sooty combustion
  • or just want to reduce the volume of gas you have to have on site

You may need the added capacity a NATURE+ product will provide.

Contact a Vapor Gas representative today or talk to your gas supplier.

Use the VaporBooster to enhance the natural capacity of your cylinder. Continuous loads of upto 600MJ/hr (12kg/hr) can be obtained in ambient temperatures as low as zero degrees C.

VaporBooster_Datasheet_141028.pdf                   VB100.png

Two models of SECOND SUN are available dependent on the diameter of your tank.
The SS10 suits tanks from 762mm diameter and boostes the natural vaporisation by at least 530MJ/hr (10kg/hr) at -20 degrees C.
The SS30 suits tanks above 1041mm diameter and boosts the natural vaporisation by at least 2,300MJ/hr (46kg/hr) at -20 degrees C.