Electric Vaporisers


ZIMMER is a compact single phase dry electric vaporiser featuring unique and revolutionary variable resistance heater elements.

There are NO switches, thermostats, contacts as the vaporiser is completely self-regulating.

Rated for application in Zone 1 hazardous areas

Click this link for the ZIMMER datasheet


TORREXX is the very latest generation dry electric vaporiser from Algas-SDI featuring simplified electronic controls, and the patented LIQUISAFE valve for prevention of liquid cary-over.

With a VERY SMALL footprint (286mm x 232mm) TORREXX takes up almost no space and can be located inside Zone 1 hazardous areas.

Click this link for the TORREXX datasheet


MINIVAP from Pegoraro is a small electrically heated hot water vaporiser for 15 - 30kg/hr capacity.

Single phase electrical supply and integral controls make this an easy to install Domestic or Light Commercial unit.

Click this link for the MINIVAP datasheet